Apply changes to widget "visits summary > overview with graph"

Hi there,
piwik ist great, I like most the “Visits Summary > Overview with graph” widget, I would like to know how to change 2 values displayed there (text and graph):

  1. Change “Max actions in one visit” into “Actions per visit” (Average value)

  2. Change “Total time spent by the visitors” into “Average visit length”

Also, showing time values in the graph mouseover “17.405 seconds” is hard to read, is ist possible to change this into mm:ss and hh:mm:ss?

Good point, created a ticket with your requests:

Thanks a lot!


Google Analytics seem to use this stat (Average Page views per visit) as a key benchmark stat for sites.

My client is trying a move from GA to Piwik and I can’t find this stat anywhere - Is there an easy way I can get this for them so they don’t go back to the world of GA? Their site is > 10,000 pages a day and around 2,000 visits so would be really good to keep them a piwik user if possible.

Many thanks for any help you can provide…