Apple iCloud Private Relay and Matomo compatibility and support

I noticed when an iPhone user has an Apple Relay turned on while browsing on Safari, Matomo will not log this visit. This is quite weird because other third-party counters like statcounter was able to log it. Is there a settings in Matomo where I can force it to log iPhone users that use Apple Relay on Safari? Or Matomo does not support this at the moment?

Maybe the DoNotTrack feature is working there:


Conceptually there should be nothing about Private Relay that makes it not work with Matomo (apart from of course the fact that the geolocation results will be incorrect).

A colleague has tested it in the past and for him it worked as expected.

So maybe test with to see exactly why the request is not stored.

@heurteph-ei I doubt that it is caused by DNT as Apple was one of the first companies to fully remove support for it in Safari to remove one bit of tracking.