Appearance of Piwik 1.12 in new 2.0.2 version?

Hi Piwik team,

I really appreciate your hard work to make Piwik what it is, and after a blind upgrade I kind of regret that I did it. Why? I simply liked the old 1.12 look more then new 2.0.2, just look at the screenshots to compare and see why. The title fonts on widgets look jagged (please note: jquery image viewer built-in into this forums scales images, so you can’t see jagged edges!) Is it possible to make new version look like 1.12? Also, new color scheme is a little too strong, not subtle like in 1.12.

I have to admit I am thinking of re-install/downgrade because of this issue, also old version was more compact on screens with 1280 resolution.

Best regards and happy holidays!

Hi everyone,

I had to revert to Piwik 1.12. I did try to modify stylesheet of Piwik 2.0.2, but could not locate the correct files (tried inside plugins/Dashboard and plugins/Morpheus folders .css and .less files without success).


Go to Settings>Themes and disable Morpheus theme: it will show the previous look and feel

Hi matt,

thank you for the advice, but I already reverted back. I am a web designer and starter web-dev myself, I explored a little files and folders of Piwik 2.0.2 but could not figure it out from where exactly Piwik gets css rules? I could easily modify .widget class along .widgetName inside browser, but when modifying those lines inside plugins/Morpheus (the only place Notepad++ located those classes) nothing happend? How can we tweak existing theme by ourselves?


Delete files in tmp/* and the CSS changes will be applied.

Thank you matt!

darko, I agree.
The new look and feel is really not very eye friendly. Tiny fonts, little contrast in links. Reverted back to the old theme,too.
This is what we would say in German “Verschlimm-Besserung”. Someone could have checked the fonts and colours with an accessibility tool like the Juicy Studio Accessibility Toolbar.
Sorry guys.

We checked accessibility. It looks good to us. Sorry!