App tracking vs web tracking - how to report on


Is there a definitive way to determine whether a visit was via an app or a browser? For example I can see in the database when browser=Safari it appears to web browser and browser=Mobile safari seems to be app but it’s not particularly clear and I’m not sure what the different browsers are that signify it is tracking from an app. Perhaps when browserVersion=’’ then this denotes an app visit?

Does anyone have any experience of helpful info on this subject - this is the first app we are tracking, it took a while for the client to implement so I don’t think we can ask them to write anything custom in their app to help with this.

This data is valuable for insight and reporting for example when the app was last used (vs the website) etc.

Many thanks in advance!

If the browser segmentation doesn’t give you what you expect, you can use a visit custom dimension to segregate mobiles from browser…

I guess you mean a web app that also has an exactly identical responsive website?

If it is technically possible for you in the app and if you want the metrics to be separate from the website, you can also track in a different Matomo SiteID.
Your coding must then recognize whether the client user is surfing with the app or a normal browser.

The custom dimension suggestion from @heurteph-ei is the best approach if you want all your metrics in one Matomo website.

Thanks both - appreciate the responses.

I just wondered if there was something inherent in the configuration that would allow us to recognise between the 2. I will set up a custom dimension.

Thanks! :slight_smile: