API will only go back 7 weeks

Hi. No matter what I attempt to do, I can only get data out of the API going back ~7 weeks. Through the web interface, I can easily see I have data in July for this site; but the API will only go back to Aug. 8th. Is this a server setup issue? Here is the API call:


Can you reproduce this issue on our demo? http://demo.piwik.org/

When I attempt to add this:


as an external source of data, i there are no decrypted ‘tables’ to import. Is there a default ‘authtoken’ i need to use?

That demo Piwik site uses an idSite of 7 but your url asks for idSite of 21. Perhaps try changing that?

Well that helped. Using idSite 7 I got a return that stated the information could come in 4 formats. However, no matter which format I tried, no data was returned for the last 13 weeks.

That’s because we don’t track user id on the demo…