API VisitsSummary.get not showing correct info

I have a problem with the API, but can’t find the solutions, so hoping for help here…

When i go to the Piwik dashboard the data is there and a website has visitors this month. But when i check in the API it says 0 visits this month… Is it a bug or did something change in the new version?

(Was working just fine this whole month but changed a few days ago.)

Only thing i changed (but i think has nothing to do with this)

Any ideas?

Any ideas? It’s still not showing correctly. Also it’s changing all the time, even the month before, sometimes it says 302 visitors other time 239 etc… I’m doing the same API calls as before.

Hope someone has the same problem or a good fix.

Hi there,

could you please create bug report @ https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/
with example URL and output value that you got, why it is a bug,etc. we will investigate there.