API traffic & extended statistics


We are currently in process of checking the API documentation of Matomo: https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/reporting-api#API.
We can see that there are multiple modules which serves different purposes.

Could you please help us with the identification of modules combination, which can help us to get following information:
1/ Global site statistics on the level of UTMs
From what we can see, there is a possibility to get UTMs through: Module MarketingCampaignsReporting, but how we can aggregate all statistics on this level?

2/ Information on individual traffics
Is there any possibility to get information on each individual traffic, not the summary?
E.g.: timestamp of traffic, UTMs, unique user ID (regardless of the login state, some unique user event for not-logged users), transaction ID (if transaction refers to this traffic)

3/ Information about type of client
Is there any way to distinct new clients from clients who has already made a purchase on the website?

Thanks in advance!

@karthik, @Jason_1282 maybe you can help?