API Table Join Keys?

Hi. I’m wondering if someone has solved this or knows of a solution.

I am using the API to pull Matomo data into a datawarehouse. However, when I look at that various tables, I don’t see any join keys. For instance, because I cannot join the Goals table to the Search Keyword table, I can’t see which specific keywords led to which specific goals being completed. Likewise, I don’t see a way to pull metrics using combinations of common dimensions, such as date-campaign-source-entrypage.

Is there a way to retrieve the session ID to be used as a join key for the various tables? Or someway to use common dimensions?


Hi @SHDJason2
If you use the HTTP API to get data for your warehouse, there in in my knowledge no way to do some joins.
I suggest you directly query the database. There you’ll be able to join any kind of tables:

Hi @heurteph-ei . Yes it looks like the Live API is the best option. Although the data is raw and will require some modeling. But it has all the fields, at least.