API slow range requests


We’ve just install Piwik in an effort to add analytics to our product. We added about 80 websites (using the API’s SitesManager module) and we have really just a handful of hits so far: All Websites dashboard - Total: 15 visits, 77 pageviews

When running requests agains the API we are seeing huge response times. For example requesting referrer types:

3.277460985 seconds for request with params like: {:method=>“Referrers.getReferrerType”, :idSite=>“79”, :period=>“range”, :date=>“2014-01-01,2014-04-10”, :token_auth=>"*****", :format=>“json”, :module=>“API”}

A second request to the same url takes the time down to 0.5 seconds (still high given the small amount of data…) , I’m assuming some caching comes into play?. Requesting the same referrer data for “period” like ‘year’ or ‘month’ instead of ‘range’ with custom date seems to never take more than 0.6ish seconds.

We disabled Piwik archiving and we are running the cron. We also have this on a dedicated Intel® Xeon® CPU E3-1245 V2 @ 3.40GHz server with 32GB of RAM. We are running nginx with php fpm.

Is this normal for Piwik?

Thank you,