API Segmentation with multiple userIds

Hello Matomo !

I’m playing for some times already with the matomo API.
But today I came across a problem and can’t manage how to sort it out.

I start by retrieving the list of all tracked userIds. What I would like to do next is to merge these userIds with other datas associated with them. For exemple referrers, entry pages, events …
With one userId it’s pretty simple, I can simply add segment=userId==myid with the method I want to call to retrieve specific user information. But how can I do it with multiple users.

The first thing I tried obviously was to combine segments with an AND operation. But this only merge the different information from users togethers. What I want is to have separated info for each user.

Then I tried the bulk request method, to merge all requests in one (one request per user). But it’s waaaaay too heavy. I’m getting errors because my url call is too long.

I really don’t want to make one call per user per info. The user base is too heavy for this.

Then I was looking if there is a way to expand different info when I call my list of userId. It would be perfect if while retrieving my users I could expand refferers associated with it and all other info I need. But it looks like this thing is impossible.

Maybe I missed something.

any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thank you