API Referers.getKeywords Yesterday vs Today

Hello, when I use the API call Referers.getKeywords with a period year and the special date keywords “yesterday” or “today” I get the exact same results from both. Shouldn’t “yesterday” return stats from 2010 and “today” return from 2011?

I’d appreciate any insight, thanks!

P.S. Has anyone noticed that the API example page no longer works (view permissions)?

the API page now fixed, also today or yesterday will return 2011, because today and yesterday are in 2011

if you want 2010, you must put any date in 2010

Hmm alright thanks. For some reason it was my understanding that the magic word “yesterday” was for the previous “period” i.e. for month, today would be april, and yesterday would be march … but you’re saying this is only true for days and I’ll have to use strtotime “last month” to get the effect for month?