API Question - getPageUrls break down no directory stucture filtering



I am trying to get the top 10 visited pages of my site for the past 90 days returned via an API call. It works ok:


However it only returns the top ten pages based on the page root for example ‘blog’.
I want it broken down further so I get blog/post1, blog/post2 etc… instead of just blog.

I have tried using the &expanded=1 but I want just the top ten pages returned, not the top 10 with their own individual arrays of broken down pages under the root (blog).

I tried using &flat=1

But that returns the error:
{“result”:“error”, “message”:“The date ‘2013-08-19’ is not a correct date range. It should have the following format: ‘lastN’, ‘previousN’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD,YYYY-MM-DD’.”}

Is it possible to get the top 10 visited pages regardless of the heirachy?
i.e. just a flat top 10 pages, no directory stucture filtering?


(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It seems to work on the demo eg http://demo.piwik.org/index.php?module=API&method=Actions.getPageUrls&format=XML&idSite=3&period=range&date=2013-11-01,2013-11-21&flat=1&filter_limit=100

This was likely fixed in 2.0-beta! New Piwik 2.0 public beta for testers - Analytics Platform - Matomo