API Module UsersManager ----> how to get user last login date and time

Hi Team,

How do i get last login of all users for matomo through API ? I have explored the whole usermanagers module but non of the methods returned a last login of users.

Can this method “UsersManager.getUsers” be updated to return users’ last login date and time ?



There has been a bug report about this here:

Someone created a Pull Request here, but never finished it:

If you want to, you can create a new pull request finishing this.


i realised this pull request is still open, I will follow project to see if they accept the changes

Just FYI: Add field lastSeen in the API for the UsersManager · Issue #10550 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub is the issue and it is still open as it is not yet fixed.

BTW: If you need the data urgently, you could write a very simple Plugin that adds a UI that just returns the value if you specify the username.

But I agree, that this could be a part of Matomo