API method Actions.getPageUrls bug


When I use the below API, the stats provided in the results for nb_visits is actually the unique pageview stats when I look at the data within Piwik under Visitors/overview:


For example:

I run the API & the results are

But when I check in Piwik itself the data looks like this:

Date 2013
Visits 212
Actions 1581
Pageviews 439
Unique Pageviews 338

So it looks like the API is calculating the ‘unique pageviews’ instead of the ‘visits’.

I haven’t had a chance to check whether this is only happening when segment is used in the API, will only have time to do that tomorrow.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Unique pageviews are the number of visits that includes a given page. So litterally unique pageviews == nb_visits for the page.


Thanks Matt, so how do I get the ‘visits’ amount of 212 from the api?