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I am starting out and want to add in API integration to my site. But where is the php class?

I have Piwik installed on a separate server so i need to reference (i think) the API class from my site libs/ folder.

I want to add the class to my site lib/ folder and reference via that so in my controllers i can execute functionality like :

$data = $this->Piwik->getPageUrl ($url, ‘12’, ‘day’, ‘today’, segment = ‘’, ‘format=JSON’);

Just an example to access all the API options available.

Is there a skeleton example of all the available functions in php?



(Tassoman) #2

Hello Dave, shortly you need to call APIs objects then handle them in your plugin’s methods.

You can read the entire APIs documentation at this URL: Introduction: API Reference - Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik Analytics) - Developer Docs - v3 In your case I bet you need to query the Reporting API.

If you’re working with APIs inside Piwik, for example writing a custom plugin, You could start by shell console with the following command:

./console core:generate plugin

To get helped by console, prepend word help in commands.