API: Get detailed daily data for a specific date range

Hi community,

I want to retrieve detailed visitors data for a specific date range.

If I set range=day and last20, I am getting the detailed data like I want it, but only for the last 20 days before today. Once I set the range to period and the date to 2017-11-01,2017-11-31, I only get a summary result.

How can I specify to retrieve detailed data for a specific date range, i.e. on a day-by-day values? Something like: Give me the unique visitors in October 2017, on a daily basis.

I found this question:

but the solution recommended there by @matthieu doesn’t work. If you set period to day and provide two date values, only one of them is returned. If you provide more than two, Piwik shows an error.

It should be possible somehow, though, as Piwik supports it in its own user interface.

Bump. Anyone here who might be able to help me on this? Thanks in advance!

I’m having problems like you. wait for help

Thanks, at least I am not alone :slight_smile: This forum seems to be quite dead…

Hi, @waldgeist

This forum if far from dead, but I agree that more activity would be nice.
Piwik is an open source software and maintained by a small team. As a result they don’t have much time for providing support apart from important bugs.
This forum is intended as a place where people who already know how to use Piwik could help other users. But as you can see this isn’t working that well. Because of that I started moderating here this year and have spend over 70 hours since voluntarily helping users, but as I don’t know everything (I can’t help with your issue) and I don’t have time to answer every question that is posted here, some posts won’t get a lot of reactions.

If you or someone else has any idea on how to improve this forum or how to get more people to help others, I’d be glad to implement it. I want people to enjoy using Piwik as much as everyone else on the Piwik team.

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Hi @Lukas,

thanks a lot for sharing your insights, highly appreciated - and I can understand this pretty well.

I think one approach would be to make the general API docs better. They’re not bad, but they lack a lot of important information. And sometimes, due to duplicate usage of terms, they’re quite confusing.

In many cases, I ended up looking into the PHP source code. But since I am neither a PHP expert nor do I understand the inner workings of Piwik, I didn’t get that far using this approach.

Thus, it takes quite a lot of time for trial and error (and forum requests), which wouldn’t be necessary if the docs were a bit more clear. Especially when it gets to the values you can use for certain request parameters.


I don’t use the API that much so I can’t speak about my experience, but I understand that some things in the developer documentation are a bit confusing.

If you come across any concrete parts that can be improved, please open an issue on the developer-repository (or even better: create a pull request :wink:).

I’ll forward your feedback to the piwik team.