API: eventURL - get all data per URL

First of… congrats with the name change Matomo sounds great!

I use a lot of event logging on our website and therefore I would like to query the API to get the results by

So my question is, how can I get this data on a period basis with all events specified (key values pairs).
Is this possible?

Kind regards from the Netherlands

Does anyone have any ideas how to achieve this?
Do we have to create a new API module or can we achieve this with the segmentation?

Hi, Kjeld! Are you still there? Or, have you given up on the forum for lack of knowledgeable participants? I am writing because I am at a loss about how to use secondaryDimensions and the idsubdatatable property. Can we put our heads together?


Hi Roddy,

This can be done with an API call with segmentation. But for us Matomo is to slow to get this for al out segments. The simple way of filter on url like in Google Analytics is just noy there. Everything has to be done in advance with to much load on the database.
We decided that it just doesn’t work for us and build something in a couple of days. We are currently exporting data from Matomo for Q2 2018 and that takes multiple days to do. We created custom SQL queries for this. The matomo API just dies when we try it with the custom segments.
As you understand, I would strongly discourage any one to use Matomo. Good luck

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Yes, Matomo is slow. There is no doubt about it. This is the reason that I have taught myself how to use BULK requests. It appears to relieve the waiting time. Fortunately, I discovered and developed this reporting method early, for in this way I do not have so much to do.

And, thank you, for your response. I greatly appreciate your honesty. Finding someone who has shared the same pain, has actually stimulated me to move ahead.

Matomo is designed a lot like Apple: It is their way or only difficulty. Matomo’s claim to open source is highly misleading. Then too, their to-do list suggests that they may be working on a very limited budget.

In any case, I have made a little progress since I last wrote. I have discovered the expanded parameter, and alas have discovered the contents of the subdatatables. Now, all I have to do is figure out to make direct requests to it. There is hope.

Many thanks!