API - Custom Value Based On Browser/Geo/Etc



I’m trying to better understanding of how I can leverage the API to query something like Browser type and provide a breakdown and include customids that fit under that breakdown. For instance, in the example below I would know that johnn11, karykool and Haroldmarty all use Chrome browser.

“label”: “Chrome 41.0”,
“nb_uniq_visitors”: 3,
“nb_uniq_visitors_breakdown”: {
“customid1” = “johnny11”,
“customid1” = “karykool”,
“customid1” = “Haroldmarty”,
“nb_visits”: 3,
“nb_actions”: 930,
“nb_users”: 0,
“max_actions”: 40,
“sum_visit_length”: 55259,
“bounce_count”: 371,
“nb_visits_converted”: 8,
“segment”: “browserCode==CH;browserVersion==41.0”,
“logo”: “plugins/DevicesDetection/images/browsers/CH.gif”

Any idea how to go about doing this?

Thanks in advance.