API calls do not return the "real-time" data - how to fix it?



We just started using piwik, and encountered an issue.

We found that: our application makes API call to the piwik application, but it does not return the most up-to-date data - meaning that if we log in the piwik application, we see the correct real time tracking data; but when we access the data from our application (via API calls), it does not display the same data.

The API calls seem to work, no error message, but it just return the older data. Here is an example:


Since we use SSL for the piwik site, I have put this in the config/config.ini.php file:
force_ssl = 1

We have not set up any auto-archiving; so we are assuming that the API calls should return real-time data - which is what we want.

Note: We tried to force reports to be re-processed by following this: http://piwik.org/faq/how-to/faq_59/; But it did not make any difference.

Also, can someone suggest how to fix this?

We have a tight dealine, so any help is greatly appreciated!



Update - we just figured out.

We had to change the date range to use “2015-10-10,2015-10-14”, from “2010-10-10,today”, in order to get the API call to return the up-to-date data.

The API document says “2015-10-10,today” is supported as a valid date range.