API call getTransitionForPageTitle


I have a question about the HTML API call for the Transition report.
I did got it working for pageURL but pageTitle does return an error.
I did look on GitHUb but I did not find anything on this matter.

<result><error message="NoDataForAction"/></result>

API&method=Transitions.getTransitionsForPageTitle&pageTitle=Doe mee

In the documentation I did not find an example of an working example or a description how pageTitle should be filled.
Has the pageTitle te be URL encoded?

Thanks in advance.

PS. also if I want to export the data as TSV it returns in an error. Also for the example-call in the documentation:


Hi there, feel free to create an issue on github and please post there the URl to the Piwik demo where you can reproduce this issue?

Can you pleas link the github link?

Here it is: Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Sorry I meant for this specific topic

Hi there, It was not created yet, you can search on the issue list to check if it’s there, or feel free to create a new one

Hi all,

Still can only download or see data in XML fot PageTitle. But did manage to get the API-call running!
If somebody need an exemple, please let me know!