API Actions.getPageUrls doesn't list all pages



I try to get my most visited pages using an api call:

This is what I get:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
	<result date="2013-10">

But there are some pages with more views but they are not in the result?

http://example.com/en/blog/special-page-1_123456781 (130 views)
http://example.com/en/blog/special-page-2_123456782 (100 views)
http://example.com/en/blog/special-page-3_123456783 (95 views)

How can I get all the pages? Whats wrong with my query?

Thanks for your help

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

your query looks good and should return all data. Have you selected the right date? maybe try last2 or last3 to select more data


last3 doesn’t show these pages either