Any way to prevent referrers from being limited during a period of time?

After reading documentation I see that Piwik limits the referrers it records, and in testing, recommend waiting 30 minutes and clearing cookies etc between visits to test a referrer visit.

We are using the Piwik api to show single page results to ‘owners’ of their pages, and people are frequently coming to the website from the same referrer sources, but to different authors pages.

The problem here is that Piwik only records the first referrer, when we need it to record all of those referrers (since its more like 1000’s of mini sites vs. 1 site). If someone arrives at a page from facebook, then arrives at a different page from a website in a short period of time, we need it to show them both as referrers for those pages.

Is there any way to force Piwik to do this? A hidden setting somewhere or configuration we could add?

Correct me if im wrong but it seems you want to track the referring urls?

If you go to the section referrers,

websites and social in piwik.

You get a list of domains,

then click on the particular domain and see a list of all referring web pages.

Does that help you?

No les, I don’t think you get what we’re doing :slight_smile:

As far as Piwik counting referrers, from what I’ve read in documentation now, Piwik only records the referrer for the first visit to a site (during whatever they consider a session). So if a person arrives at the site from link x, then arrives at the site from link y on another site, then link y is not considered a referrer.

We are using the piwik api to create a custom report on every page. The author of the page views this data pulled from the main Piwik database, and it creates a custom report for visits and referrers for that specific page.

We need Piwik to record all of those referrer visits as referrer traffic, instead of whatever algorithm causes it to only count the first referrer for a session.

Ahh ok, Is there any way you could parse the data from the transitions report of a given page? It show internal as well as external referring pages.

What you need is a new setting to “force” a new visit when there is a new referer found for the visit. We can build it for you, see footer