Any way to group/combine custom variables?


We’ve been using Piwik for few months and it’s been great. We’re using it to track visits for our marketplace website. In our marketplace we have shops (something similar to Ebay), and we offer shop owners Reporting tool for them to see how their shop is performing. In order to do that, we’re using custom variables.

Each shop gets assign page variable 1 (EntityType = shop) and page variable 2 (EntityId = {id_of_the_shop}), but also each item from each shop is being tracked by page variable 3 (EntityOwnerType = shop) and page variable 4 (EntityOwnerId = {id_of_the_shop}). Now we’re looking for a way to combine these 2 groups into one summarized result. What we’re using now is running 2 separate segmentation queries for each group, and then programmatically merging results.

The problem is that there is no way to define segmentation such as for it to use grouped OR query like (prototyped segmentation query):

&segmentation=(EntityType==shop AND EntityId==5) OR (EntityOwnerType==shop AND EntityOwnerId==5)

We’ve been wondering if there is a way to do it with one query?