Any way to change "Tracking Request Target Path" in Matomo Configuration for Tag Manager

We have recently added Matomo (v 4.7.1) analytics to our website and it is great.
Some words about our configuration

  • The site has (example) url “
  • Matomo is deployed as matomo subdomain (accessible only from intranet)
  • matomo.js & matomo.php are available under “” (php respectively)
    All this works and tracks visitors.

We wanted to start experimenting with Tag Manager (container_.js is also accessible and loaded). Tried to make a simple click event (almost like in FAQ).
For it we created a new trigger and tag. For tag we had to create Matomo confiuration variable and set it in tag.
However we faced a problem that this configuration forces to set Tracking Request Target Path to the root (eg, matomo.php).
In browser Dev Tools I see event triggered and wants to send tracking information. But it sends it to /matomo.php instead of /matomo/matomo.php. And I can’t change it. I even tried to modify DB record directy, but then I get the error:
The value for the “Tracking Request Target Path” field in the “TagManager” plugin is not allowed

Is there any way to modify it? Or should I make another alias in website configuration?