[ANSWERED] Yubikey login option



I’m a owner of a Yubikey and would like to welcome it, if this service would own a authentication service for it, to offer more protection.

You can get more information about it on this site:

As far as I know, there is a API which is very easy to use and makes the integration possible.

Thanks and best regards

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At the moment, the php libraries for Yubikey would require rework before we could consider implementing as a plugin. (php-yubico from the vendor requires PEAR, while the third-party, standalone yubikey-php-webservice-class is license incompatible with Piwik.)

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Yubikey appears to have OpenID integration, so maybe wait for us to add OpenID.


vipsoft - if you would like a couple of YubiKeys for evaluation/test etc. - please send me an e-mail.

John Salter for yubico.

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Thanks for the offer John. When we’re closer to implementing this feature, we’ll take you up on that.

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For reference, the OpenId ticket is Plugin to provide OpenId authentication · Issue #5580 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub