Anonymous View needs restrictions for Widgets & Dashboard

Hello, I would like to suggest another option for the Anonymous account to restrict access to some features. Currently, the only options are No Access and View. I like the idea of having some of the widgets publically viewed on other sections of my site but I don’t like the idea of having everything viewable including the enter dashboard. I want to lock the dashboard with a (you don’t have permission to view this page) if someone goes to

I want to make some widgets like Real-time visitor count and Real-time Map publically viewed on other parts of my site but currently as is, this is only good for those who want a “full view” of the Analytics completely and not those who want to make some things public and some not. Adding a custom view with the ability to enable or disable what you want for that account would be great.

You have the option to select any part of the Widgetize reports to show in an iframe so I am sure you could do a restriction section for Users. Kinda pointless for Widgets if someone just inspects the HTML and copies the URL from the iframe then just enters it into the browser and can see everything.

Hi @DestructiveBurn
I suggest you create a feature request at:

Yeah I’ve done that already here: GitHub /matomo-org/matomo/issues/22380 :wink:

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