Anonymize Visitors' IP addresses - Special Cases

  1. The GUI of the PrivacyManager plugin doesn’t offer a possibility to completely anonymize visitors’ IP addresses, i.e. to mask its all 4 octets. In case of some countries, e.g. Germany, it may be of a very great importance. That’s why I suggest to add the 4th radio button to Privacy panel (plugins/PrivacyManager/templates/privacySettings.tpl) like this:

    {'PrivacyManager_AnonymizeIpMaskLengtDescription'|translate} {'PrivacyManager_AnonymizeIpMaskLength'|translate:"1":""} {'General_Recommended'|translate}

And it looks like this then: (see attached image)

  1. The second possibility to do the same would be to change manually the parameter ip_address_mask_length in config.ini.php, settign its value to “4”:

ip_address_mask_length = 4

but it’s not so convenient …

  1. I didn’t find also the possibility in GUI to configure whether to display visitors IPs or not in Visitor Log panel (as in demo example! how did you do that?).
    Simply because it makes no sense to display IP: after having anonymized them.

I solved it by commenting the following lines in plugins/Live/templates/visitorLog.tpl:

{if $isWidget}
{else}-{/if} {$visitor.columns.serverTimePrettyFirstAction}

{if !empty($visitor.columns.visitIp)}
IP: {$visitor.columns.visitIp}{/if

It would be great, if this could be configured in Privacy GUI. If there’s a more elegant way to achieve this, I would be grateful for pointing me in right direction.