Anonymize Previously Tracked data

Hello all,
I am trying to anonymize previously tracked raw data , selected to “replace userID with a pseudonym”, selected the date range but when completed, it has randomly anonymize some userID but not all. 1/3rd of the userIDs are not anonymize.
Visits log looks okay but under User IDs section, most of the users , I can still see their userIds. Am I missing something here ?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks !


I know that this is besides the point of your issue, but I want to make it clear that the “replace userID with a pseudonym” does not anonymize the userID. Instead it replaces it with a hash of the userID. This means you can still uniquely identify users (and have to keep in mind the privacy implications), but are just no longer storing their e.g. E-Mail Address.

For your actual issue: When you modify the raw visitor data (as shown in the visitor log), you need to invalidate reports so that they are created again from the modified raw data. Also always make a backup before as you are deleting data.

Hi Lukas,
Thank you. I was able to run the command to Invalidate reports and it seems to hash the userID.