Anonymize only certain webpages?

(gruad) #1

My Piwik-Installation monitors many webpages. Some of them want to anonymize the visitiors IP and some dont. I know of the Plugin AnonymizeIP but this applies to all webpages.

My Question:

Is there a way to anonymize only specific webpages?

I think a SQL-query that is run periodically and deletes the IP’s for the correspondent webpages would be fine. I found a delete-log-sql-command in but before I spend loads of time in peeking into the structure and destroy half of my data along the way : maybe someone here has already done it and can just give me the delete-command you use style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif


ps: in general:

I run the - command every 5 minutes via cronjob. After running this command the logs in the mysql-database become useless? dont they. The archive-command only processes new entries? So I could delete the logs every 5 minutes?

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #2

would be interested in this too … we need to activate anonymize only on certain webpages - possible without “hack”?

(vipsoft) #3

Why not separate Piwik installs/databases?

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #4

Piwik is integrated into our CMS for hundreds of customers … for every customer a seperate install would be a bit of an overkill … :wink:

(vipsoft) #5

You only need two instances, globally, not per user. One for users who need anonymous tracking. The other without.

Per site anonymization is doable but not planned. Feel free to submit a patch or sponsor its implementation.

(Andreas Schnederle-Wagner) #6

about what amount do we speak here? Maybe this is an option …