Anonymise Matomo domain inside the Javascript Tracking Code

I am using Matomo daily and have the same to track multiple different websites.

I use the JavaScript Tracking Code to setup the domains with Matomo tracking.

For a privacy and open-source focused Analytics, I would LOVE to be able to anonymize the Matomo domain used, instead of having it shown in the code - i.e. maybe it can be encrypted, maybe the whole JS can be encrypted or only the can be encrypted.

If I am doing this wrong and there is a way to do it, please do tell : )

Hi @metrprime
I don’t really understand what you would like to do, as web tracking is done client-side, then if you look at the network console of the browser, you will ever be able to see the matomo server.

To achieve your wish, you can:

Use the Protect Track ID plugin

In order to protect idSite using hash instead default numeric.

Track using servers logs

Track using server-side API

Then client tracking is done through the API of your main app, and transferred to the Matomo server, like a kind of proxy.

@heurteph-ei can I just say THANK YOU! I had no idea i can use this plugin to hash the Matomo domain used for tracking, when using JS code.

OMG! this is EXACTLY what I was looking for, thank you sooooo soo much!

Thank you for the other suggestions as well, I’ll be dwelling into them as well to test them out.

Thank you!