Anonimizing user id

I’m fairly new to Piwik. We’re using it to track use on several of our internal web sites. I have the users’ login information so I can set the userId in the javascript tracking. However, there’s some concern that the userId may have to be anonymous.

I looked at the docs and the code and it looks like both the original userid and a hashed version are stored. Does this mean I have to hash the original userId before I send it along (I don’t want to touch piwik at all). Is there a better solution or have I misunderstood the problem?

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated.


The primary benefit of using and id is to identify users, sending a simple one-way hash or simple substitution encoding like rot13 to piwik might suffice.

In terms of data protection, a one-way hash is not be considered anonymization but rather a de-identification so that a more restricted set of people can identify the user.

The primary benefit of tracking users, I think would be to track across platforms and browsers. Which is interesting, but basic cookie tracking might suffice in terms of optimizing and managing the intranet.

Thanks Tovare. That’s pretty much what I thought, just wanted to be sure.