Announcement: Join Max Schrems & Matthieu Aubry, two leading privacy activists, for a one-of-a-kind Virtual Roundtable

Hi all! Erin here from Matomo :wave:

I wanted to invite you all to our upcoming Virtual Roundtable featuring two leading privacy activists, Max Schrems, Honorary Chairman of noyb, and Matomo Co-founder and CEO, Matthieu Aubry.

With so much happening with GDPR, privacy and big tech, we decided to allow our community the opportunity to ask questions and hear first-hand from two privacy powerhouses leading the way for change through legal actions and technology.

This 30-minute interactive event will be driven by questions from the community. So let’s hear them! Reply with your questions below :point_down: and then register here:

Hi @Erin,
In the Matomo page you provided, it is not possible to register… :’(

Should be all sorted now @heurteph-ei :slight_smile:

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