Angular 6 Integration with Matomo Form Analytics

I’ve been trying to get my angular 6 application to work with matomo form analytics. I’m able to get page views by using Angulartics2Piwik.

I added the following line to my app.component.ts: this.angulartics2Piwik.startTracking()

Based on the angulartics2 documentation it doesn’t seem to support Form Analytics. I thought about using third-party library ngx-matomo, but it doesn’t have an implementation for Form Analytics.

I’ve even loaded my angular page and called the window.Piwik.FormAnalytics.scanForForms() function within the web developer console in FireFox and still no form tracking. My forms have the id, name, and I even set the data-matomo-name as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Hi there,

Maybe you can create a very small HTML file to reproduce the issue? So we can see how the issue occurs. Probably it will be best to ask the creators of the Angulartics2 package for help once you have the minimum html file to reproduce.