And also for me: No data has been recorded yet, get set up below

I updated Matomo, but it seems one of two websites I use the tracker is not tracking at all.
Turned on error-reporting PHP, no php-errors, no access/error logs in /var/log.

I am using WP-Matomo plugin in Wordpress, tried numerous options, it states it is connecting:

WP-Matomo 1.0.22 is successfully connected to Matomo 3.14.0. You are running WordPress 5.4.2.

I have tried using the self hosted HTTP-API and PHP-API but it still gives me no data. The other website on the same server and same settings works fine.

Deleted the entire config for the second website, cleared cache and made a new config, still the same results. No cookies set for my IP, hence I even visited the website anonymous via mobile.

What else to check?


The easiest thing to check is if the data is properly sent to Matomo from the browser. So open the tracked website in your browser, open the browser developer tools, check the console for errors and check if the requests to matomo.js and matomo.php in the network tab are going through.

In my case it is still called piwik.php. I’ve been using it quite a long time :wink:

But these came out in console as 200 OK.
Even saw the image do a GET statement, copied it and pasted it in URL to trigger it manually again. Seems like that’s working though.

Any steps after this to try?


might help. If you temporarily enable it, the piwik.php will return a verbose log as to why the data has (or has not) yet been recorded.

If no data is missing, it might also have been recording properly and you only needed to wait for the first archiving of the data.

Hmm, it certainly transmits a lot of data so, I will check my cronjob once again, and else will fall back on the browser triggered job.
There is also something funny seeing the matoto js active on a post and not on a page, will dig into that too.

Thank you for the quick advise.
I’ll post my findings/success tomorrow!

I checked syslog, cron is running every 5 minutes.
Just need a 100 visitors I guess LOL
Just for 1 it isn’t going to work for now.
Patience will be my solution I guess :wink:
Will look at it later on this week, visit from a few different IP’s as well.

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Nope, visited the website twice on my mobile device today, but still no data recorded.

I’m thinking “total re-install”. Upgrade after upgrade for years, it’s no issue to re-install for me. History of visitors was fun, but not a must for my websites.


I doubt a reinstall changes much apart from loosing data and time. I’d instead check if there is maybe an adblocker (or DoNotTrack) enabled on that devices and check the tracker debugging that I linked above.

Well, problem is:
Both working and not working website are on the same webserver.
Matomo is also installed on that server.
It’s all installed at home actually.

I will check the debugger again, now I read it again… I saw a lot of data but not something like if it recorded it yes or no. so will pay attention this time.

Okay, I got rid of the IP addresses that were filtered, now it works.
Only a bit strange it didn’t track my mobile, but then again that is not a real testcase.
Will try laptop tomorrow to be sure, but it seems to work now.

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