Anchor tracking


please can you help to understand how to track some anchor?
My website is made with only one page template and multiple anchor like :

But it seems that any anchor is tracked?

Thank you very much for your help…


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In Action / Pages, access to

will be merged under

In the Visitor Log, you can see which anchor has been accessed. This is true if access to has been made from an external site or a different page than This is explained by the fact that your browser will not reload the page if you access an anchor located on the already loaded page.

If you do want to track which anchor has been clicked while staying on the page, you need to use the Piwik Javascript API to manually trigger Goals, see


Sorry for posting an irrelevant comment to this page, I am leaving for the night and wanted to notify piwik of a broken link on the blog.

on the Piwik is on GitHub! - Analytics Platform - Matomo page … the The Piwik 2.0. link is broken.

Yes, Piwik has moved to GitHub! This is a significant technology move for Piwik and the team is thrilled by this change. Being on GitHub, we hope new developers and companies who believe in our mission to “Liberate Web Analytics” will join us and submit code, ideas and pull requests. For inspiration and amazing ideas, see Piwik 2.0. <<<<< link broken

Thanks for your time, Gary with All Tungsten Rings

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