Analytics Tag on Website and Blog-Specific Pages (Issue: Double Pageviews)

Hi y’all! I installed a global site tag on all of my Webflow webpages. I then installed a blog-specific tag on all blog pages so that I can track blog traffic in a separate blog view in Matomo.

The issue I’m facing right now is double pageviews coming from _paq.push([‘trackPageView’]) firing twice on all blog pages (global + blog tags).

Is there a way for me to keep the global tag and blog-specific tag without the pageviews being counted twice?

For context, I would like to see overall website traffic in one view in Matomo and then see blog-specific traffic in another view in Matomo.

Thank you!

Try to have a look on this discussion Multiple measurables / tracking IDs in one website?

Hi @josephh
I don’t understand, you create a topic in Tag manager, but it seems you don’t use it as you track page view via _paq.push([‘trackPageView’])
In your case with basic tracking you can use:
and call _paq.push([‘trackPageView’]) just once.
Via Tag manager, the tracking management can be simplified a lot (you can easily select the site ID for an event or another one…)

The tagmanager documentation is very unclear about this; when you use the tagmanager, you should not use the _paq calls anymore.