Analyse traffic quality send by members


Would like to know if the following is possible.
I have members sending me traffic each with the url of my website and their unique referral id
Member 1 sends traffic with his uique referral link →
Member 2 sends traffic with his uique referral link →

I want to see what pages are visited by the traffic i am receiving from each member. Because they will try to send fake traffic, bot traffic, autosurf traffic, jingling , …

But all these fake traffic is so easy to recognize if i can see what the visitors send by a member actually do on my site.

Can this be done? And if yes can you point me in the right direction…


Maybe I missed something…
But you can first start by using a segment by member. Then you’ll be able to see the traffic for a single member:

:rofl:Nope you did not miss something. I did…

Thank you…exactly what i need…could not find it before