An unexpected website was found in the request: website id was set to '0'

(Julien Coquet) #1

Hi all, encountering a very similar issue with MTM (

For some reason, I have a series of sites where the site ID will be determined by a combo of 2 datalayer-based variables, e.g. environment and sitename:


My thinking was to first combine both variables using a Custom JavaScript variable for later use in a “lookup table”:

function () {
  var env = "{{DL - Environment}}";
  var site= "{{DL - Sitename}}";

  // Debug fails and returns variable names with curly brackets
  console.log("Environment: " + env);
  console.log("Sitename: " + site);

  var sites = [ // use arrays to act like a lookup table
  for (var i=0; i<sites.length;i++){
    var c = sites[i].split("|");
    if (c[0]==env && c[1]==disp){
      return c[2];
  return 1;

Of course the above fails because I can’t access the datalayer variables’ values as variables.

Next I tried using a Custom HTML tag to concatenate environment and sitename and that worked. For a while.

 var _mtmSite = {{DL - Environment}}+"|" + {{DL - Sitename}};

Great, now I have a page-level variable I can play with (validated in debug mode) and use as a lookup table variable? Right? Right?

Assuming I create a variable using page variable _mtmSite, I can use advanced tag settings to create a lookup table:
if equals dev|corporate then equals 1
if equals dev|blog then equals 2

In theory this is supposed to work but as soon as I reference a variable as site ID in my Matomo Analytics config variable, all I get is the error message:`

Matomo idSite: An unexpected website was found in the request: website id was set to '0' .

Please advise, my only other option is otherwise to create one container per site/app and that kind of defeats my tag management strategy.

Allow Matomo Configuration Matomo idSite field to use a Variable
(Lukas Winkler) #2


This issue sounds pretty similar to this one which will be fixed in the next release (3.8.0 which will come out soon)

(Julien Coquet) #3

Thanks Lukas!
Can you confirm this is getting rolled out to cloud customers as well?

(Scott Fillman) #4

Great news! Thanks for getting this into the next release.

(Lukas Winkler) #5

Yes, the latest Matomo update will also be rolled out on Cloud shortly after the Open Source release.