An Amalgamated Analytics Report


Hi everyone,

I run a website which hosts about fifty ‘collections,’ each of which have a third-level domain name:,,, etc. I have set up seventeen separate Piwik ‘websites,’ each with separate tracking numbers, so the editors of each collection may analyze their collection’s usage. But I’d love a feature which could amalgamate all of the sites’ analyses into an overall report for the entire server. I could do this with webalizer, but never could when I used Google Analytics, before I switched to Piwik. But it’d be a very useful feature for me, and I’d think perhaps for others, too?

Thanks for any efforts the Piwik development community can provide,

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Thanks for the suggestion. This is probably something we will work on in the future, but not soon :slight_smile: maybe in 6months - 1year

in the meantime, you can use the "All Websites"dashboard


Until this gets implemented in core you could use multiple trackers like described in this post: 301 Moved Permanently