AMP Support Needed

For those of us (and there will be more) with AMP-enabled sites it would be good (currently I can only do this with GA) to support sessions stitching/unification so that a user moving between AMP and Non-AMP can be tracked.

I did ask a question in the forum but received no reply;

I’ve also seen multiple questions around this topic, all unanswered, which suggests that this is a major weakness for Matomo currently.


I think no one on the Matomo team is really familiar with the details of AMP or actively using it themselves. So if you or someone else knows more about AMP, we are looking forward to contributions. (either with documentations or software)

Personally I can’t even estimate what is even technically possible and what can’t be done with the limitations of AMP.

(this following paragraph is just my personal opinion and not of the Matomo team)
From all I have seen yet about AMP, I don’t see any benefits (making a page load fast is definitely possible by just leaving out the slow things), but many of the ideas of it feel to me like something that grants Google a lot of power over website owners and goes against the decentralization of the web which is quite important to me.
Also from a user perspective I have no experience with AMP as I only use Google search sometimes and only use Firefox for which AMP pages don’t seem to be displayed.
Therefore, my motivation to invest time to learn more about AMP (and using Matomo with it) is a bit limited.

The fact that the AMP project is accelerating and their is much to come in the future (including potentially adoption by others) suggests this type of technology is here to stay;

This might be useful;

As said before, I am sure a lot of people are interested in using Matomo with AMP, so if anyone wants to contribute more Features and Documentation for this, I am happy to help.

I also got a slight feeling that with the code from this comment one is already 90% there to the best possible AMP support in Matomo: