Always show percentage?

Is there a way to always show % in column (mainly in ACTION dashboard) instead of being forced to over the column with the mouse ?

Even the “More metrics” doesn’t add the %.

Same thing for Reports would be great.

If it is not possible yet I will fill a Feature request in Trac.


@Dali please fill in a feature request in Trac, I think this makes sense!

Done 3 weeks ago Matt! In Improve display of relative % values in all data reports · Issue #5096 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub


Is there already a feature request for this? For me that would also be a very very useful feature!

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Yes, I already fill some and other people too. Here are the tickets about percentage :

Switch to percent display (instead of numbers in reports)

Email reports should contain percentage values column

And slightly related (because printing percentage is relevant) :

Make all Transitions or Row Evolutions popovers printable