Alternative visualization tools

Is there any visualization tools to represent the data . Good and cheap .


Within Matomo you can change some tables into graphs.

If you want to export the data into a different tool and visualize it, there are several options. Like:

  • MetaBase
  • Libre or open office
  • JasperReport

But there are more of them. Just look for them.

If you want to learn more about the combination of Metabase and Matomo, you can check here:

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You can use, of course, Google Data Studio, which offers a great variety of reports. But you should check, whether you have to mention it in your privacy statement. I would say no, because I did not find full IP-Adresses in the Matomo Database (anonymization activated). But I cannot say for sure.

There is a German dokumentation for this:

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Hi Shahmy,
There is now an english manual how to connect Matomo with Google Data Studio: