Alternative last value in graphs, predicting result at period end

Sorry for the confusing title…

what I have been thinking many times is - no matter what time period you are setting, be it a day or a week, if the periods end is in the future, your graphs will always drop on the current period.
Example: I like to look at my stats on a “this week” period set. Of course the visitor graph showing the development will be lower than last weeks until sunday night has come and the values are comparable with last weeks

  • so I end up calculating the propable weeks outcome if the current development continues.
    Why not have the graph split on the last entry, showing one dot marking the visitors that have been tracked so far within the chosen period, and another one dot marking the expected count at the end f the period.

It may be a plain psychological issue, but I can imagine people would appreciate having some hope shown above their dropping graph :slight_smile: Whenever I show some stats to people who dont know exactly what they are looking at on a tuesday, they believe my project is having a hard time…

I hope you have a clue what I am trying to say, sorry for my english and thanks for this great tool


I understand your point, that’s however a good point: it is better to look only at finished days to compare. we therefore recommend to do that, change default date to “yesterday” or “last week” :slight_smile:
we dont plan to show estimates etc. at this stage