Alternative at "Search Engine Keywords Performance"

Hi everyone, I have a simple question to ask you.
I would like to be able to view the search terms connected to visits to my site.
Currently I always see “Keyword not defined”.

I read that the solution to this problem is the “Search Engine Keywords Performance” plugin.
However, I have seen that the aforementioned plugin has a significant cost for a user, like me, who has only one site, just launched and with very little traffic.

I would therefore like to know if using a paid plugin is the only possibility or if there are other remedies to obtain this information.

Obviously search console already tell me what are the keywords that generate impressions and traffic.

However, I would like to be able to connect the information provided by search console with the visits tracked with Matomo.

Thanks for the support!

Hi @ivanisevic82
I think you can manually check values at Google as described in the Search Engine Keywords Performance configuration guide (because it is the data source for the plugin):

And for other search engines:

Hi Phiiippe, thank you for your answer, but I am not sure to have understood.

I have a Google search console account, where I just can see the keyword, the number of impression and click.

But I’d like to know, when a user visit one or more page of my website caming from Google, with which keyword he found me.

In other word I’m looking for a way to connect of combine the information of search console with the information of matomo.

The only way is the expansive plugin search engine keyword or there is a different way?

Thank you!

Hi @ivanisevic82
I think you can either pay for the plugin, or manually extract data form Google, and melt them with Matomo ones in Excel for example…

Thanks Philippe,
this is exactly the point: how do you “melt” them with excel?
How can a specific search key taken from Search Console be linked to a specific visit on matomo?

Sorry, I have no idea… :thinking:

You simply just cannot :grinning:

Keywords aren’t on the referrer anymore (it’s been more than 10 years :scream:)… So there’s no way to tie them onto sessions.

You can only tie them at the landing page level by doing e.g. a data blend in Looker Studio (or a VLOOKUP in Excel)

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