All Websites is not updating

I maintain Matomo 4.6.2. as I do not want to update tu php 8. It works ok just the All Websites does not update, I wonder why?

Anyone or you all happy that the all websites tap won’t update?

Hi @arnego2 ,
What do you mean by All Websites does not update?
Can you please record a short video and share it hare ? Or explain with the help of screenshots? Thanks!

Sure have a look here The numbers do not change day for day,
The day before the first on the list can have 600 visitors but the number stands still at 475. Meaning they are at 600 for all times.

How do you archive data? via CRON?
Can you check on the archiving log file if there is any error?

I have Matomo installed on a VPS, No mayor adjustments needed. Its not an error, Anyway where do I find the matomo error logs?

Premium and market both cause an error. Not that I use those.

If Matomo behavior is not the one you expect, it may be an error! (or due to an error)

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean…

You can view logs by installing the LogViewer plugin. The plugin can be installed via the Matomo Marketplace with just a few clicks in your Matomo installation. As a Super User simply go to the Administration and select Marketplace in the left menu. There you will find the plugin and can install it with just one click.

That are the ones which I cannot get to see.

The log file is defined in the config/config.ini.php file, in section [log]

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