"All WebSites dashboard" - segmentation

(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #1

Hello Matomo team,

Trying to solve a use-case where I wanted to check a specific segment data usage across all the websites, to understand how a given feature (defined in segment as “Page URL” contains feature name) is used by different sites.

I have gone through the plugin - https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/2174 (roll-up reporting), but this doesn’t seem to address this specific use-case.

Do you think this is not a reasonable ask? Please help me if there is an alternate way of doing this.

Thanks in advance.


(Siva Kumar Rallabhandi) #2

Hi -

Is there anything wrong in the ask? or a gap in my understanding? Please clarify, if the functionality of “All Websites” wouldn’t suit here for segmentation.