All website data lost - version 2.2.2/3b

Just wanted to report that on upgrading from the buggy 2.2.2 (no sites other than default site in dropdown selectors / timeouts / visitorlog errors etc etc) to beta version 2.2.3b all data was lost accept for the main default site… all showing zero in the all websites dashboard layout… and even despite all the bug reports on here 2.2.3b still doesn’t have the dropdown bug fixed.

Less than happy - this also has the potential for me to get the sack from my place of work… as all the key analytic data from 2.2.2 has gone… archiving cron job is now failing too.

if you are ever threatened to “get sacked” because of Piwik, please at least consider waiting either a few days for our reply here, or contact Paid support:

try with latest beta: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

not wanting to be rude or condescendng but if a set up is very mission critical one should always have a dev environment which mirrors the live site. that way upgrades ( not just piwik but php or sql or python) can be performed and in worst case scenario the live site is unaffected. This methodology for redundancy should always be considered. plus helps one avoid to be blamed for being a bleeding edge implementer! good luck

I don’t understand what your point is?

Ok points accepted - was stressed at the time. But the reason I upgraded to the Beta version is the first place was because the most recent stable version 2.2.2 was not unsable - the website dropdown list only ever showed two entries (despite having 428 websites currently in the database). And fact did setup a new fresh install test version and uploaded a copy of the database and got exactly the same problem with the dropdowns (suggests something wrong with the database). One thing though I didn’t try was doing a fresh install and manually adding the websites, but unless I was extremely careful would end up having to change the trackers to test it (as id code would risk changing).

But yes valid points, some I have actioned.

Also as I think or hope I mentioned, I managed to get data back from daily backups.

Hello, please test the latest 2.3.0-rc2, it should be very stable ! If you have any problem with it, please report here. We will like getting feedback as this is what we do, build product open source that works. so be well

Thanks Matt.

2.3.0-rc2 and 2.3.0-rc4 made no difference alas. I am checking with my client to see what access can be given to to our piwik install, and as mentioned earlier, even on a fresh install + mysql database, it still has he dreaded dropdown selection problem.