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When I set date range as a month, evolution % compares this calendar month (which is only part of a month) to last calendar month, so will always be a negative.

Similarly, when I set date range as a week, evolution % compares this calendar week (which is only part of a week) to last calendar week, so will always be a negative.

Comparing incomplete calendar weeks or months to prior full calendar weeks or months doesn’t seem to be very useful.

Is it possible for evolution to compare the latest 30 days data to the previous 30 days data, or, compare the latest 7 days data to the prior seven days data? This would let me know if the particular website is above or below its trend line.

On the user setting page I can set “report date to load by default” to “previous 7 days” or “previous 30 days”, which successfully adjusts the individual website report page, but has no effect on the all website dashboard page.

Is this an operator error on my part, a bug, or a feature deficiency?


New User

It’s a missing feature, ability to compare periods with other periods: Compare data for two different dates in tables, charts and reports · Issue #5711 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub