All visits are direct referrals?

All visits from search engines are direct referrals, and maybe from other sites but I’m not sure what traffic is coming from other sites as I don’t know if piwik if functioning correctly. I thought this was unusual so I tested it myself. I found my webpage on google using my keywords and I came up as a direct referral.

I found a previous thread that said refer to FAQ, but nothing. I followed the advice in the previous thread. Said wait half an hour clear your cookies but still nothing.

So I also logged on to my VPN, cleared all cookies, changed my IP address and did the same and I’m still a direct referral although I definitely came through Google.

Any ideas?

If the visitor is logged into google, referrer urls are unavailable.

Ok. Thanks.

Is that a bug, or something that can’t be fixed?

in 1.7, it’ll show up as a search engine referral, but there won’t be any keywords.