All visitors IP address is the local network gateway one


I noticed on my Matomo dashboard that all my website visitors have the same IP address, which is my local network gateway one (such as My Matomo setup is quite simple, I have my ISP → Home router → Web Server (with Matomo). There is a port forwarding in my home router on port 80/443 for the web service and this is pretty much all.

My Matomo logs used to show visitor’s public IP. The two major changes I’ve done on my web server before I noticed the issue are the following.

  1. SSL setup on Apache
  2. Restricted some recommanded Matomo folders in Apache config.

Is this IP issue something expected/normal, such as a new policy in Matomo to hide public addresses ?

If yes, then no need to fix it.

If no, then this is an issue somewhere in my setup. Anyone has an idea about how I could fix it ? Already spend two hours on, no success.